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Because of physical activity on Monday, I have been exhausted and achy all day long Tuesday. Not only was my body lethargic but I was mentally fatigued. I sat at my work desk trying to stimulate my imagination but I am drained so I sat on the couch to read a book and fall asleep. Repeat.

In the late afternoon I forced myself to get some sun and fresh air. I took a little bit of some green medicine for which I have a state-issued card of authorization for a health condition. I return to my writing desk inspired and write the entry “Metaxis” in a single sitting without referencing books or the internet.

Not too shabby.

By the way the only reason why I didn’t use references is because I was on a roll. I didn’t have time or need to look anything up. I made a few minor mistakes but for the most part it all came to me at once.

These last few days I have added some pictures to the essay, made spelling corrections and changed a few details while referencing books and the net. Having reviewed it I find that it needs almost no improvement. Given time I could easily expand it into a full book but then I would bore the reader of average attention span.

This is a good example of how my medicine stimulates me mentally and creatively. Though the essay contains some facts it is also abstract and insightful. It has a central point that is relevant to metaphysics and neurometaphysics. It also has a simple and coherent structure; it introduces a word, gives the definition and elaborates with a summary/review of the theme through various cultural beliefs and symbols and concludes by explaining the significance and application of the idea.

This does not exactly fit the stereotype of vegging on the couch in front of the idiot box eating junk food.

My point is that with the right intent, right effort and a careful attention to dose the green medicine can stimulate the mind and imagination. Of course the medicine is for physiological health conditions but it also works on the mind. I know that not everyone gets high and then goes to work with a blank canvass, a page, a lump of clay or a musical instrument. But people certainly can get high and then be productive and creative.

It is not uncommon to hear from one side that cannabis stimulates creativity. It is equally common to hear the objection that what is created only seems good to people who are high or that it only makes sense to the person who is high while they are still high and that it makes little sense the next day.

“Gentlemen, let us learn to dream, and perhaps then we will find the truth…but let us also be aware not to publish our dreams until they have been examined by the wakened mind.”  – August Kekulé (who solved an important problem in chemistry in a dream)

While this may often be the case, with the right will, the right abilities, and careful adjustment of dosage, cannabis can help one create something of value and coherent logic. I challenge the scoffer to demonstrate a lack of coherency or logic in my “Metaxis” essay.

I am not arguing that it was necessary. I am saying that it allowed me to get over the mental fatigue and find my inspiration on a day during which I would have otherwise not found my inspiration. A small and careful dose was necessary to not overdo it. Of course I already was fertile with thoughts and on an other day I would not have used it in order to write. But there is no sound ethical, moral, legal, or medical grounds to object the right use with the right intent.

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